Wet Ceiling Repair

There are many clear signs of a wet ceiling, and they can be disastrous if ignored. Water ingress, ceiling discoloration, and sagging drywall are all potential indicators of a wet ceiling. It is important to address these issues professionally and promptly, as ignoring a wet ceiling can cause lasting structural damages. Call us immediately at (604) FIX LEAK if you have signs of a wet ceiling and you are in the Greater Vancouver area.

Causes of Wet Ceilings

Wet ceilings are not the same as roof leaks. A roof leak occurs when water is leaking through the roof of a structure. Wet ceilings, on the other hand, happens when water is trapped within the ceiling. Wet ceilings may be caused by multiple factors.

Trapped moisture from an external source, a leaking foundation, or plumbing issues are the most common causes of a wet ceiling. The fall and winter seasons in Vancouver are also a big cause of roof leaks and wet ceilings. Water gets trapped underneath shingles and roofing material and then is waterlogged inside the ceiling.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is important to consult a professional as soon as possible.

Signs of a Ceiling Leak

A wet ceiling can be immediately detected by water ingress and discoloration. Water ingress on the ceiling means that water is flowing into the structure and is trapped inside the foundation. Discoloration happens when some of the paint has worn away due to water damage. The discoloration is often very clear and looks yellow or brownish.

Why 604 FIX LEAK Is the Best Repair Option

DIY solutions are not very effective when it comes to fixing wet ceiling leaks. Homeowners do not often have the tools and or knowledge to accurately assess and address the problem. If any sources of the leak are not repaired, the problem will continue.

Addressing a wet ceiling should be done with the help of a professional. At 604 FIX LEAK, we provide an all-encompassing solution that starts with a thorough inspection and ends with a dry ceiling. Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Leak Detection
  • Insurance Remediation
  • Ceiling & Plumbing Leak Repairs
  • Repair Company Assistance
  • Reliable and Professional Service

It can be frustrating when we have a wet ceiling in our homes or businesses. However, with an accurate inspection and professional repair work, the damage can easily be mitigated.

If you notice any signs of discolouration or water ingress, contact us today to repair the wet ceiling immediately.