Wet Basement Repair & Detection Services

A wet basement due to flooding or leaks can create mold within the home and erode the structural integrity of the property. If left untreated, the damage can worsen and spread throughout the home.

It is important to remember that the cause of a wet basement is not always immediately detectable. The longer your home has been wet, the more expensive it will be to remedy the problem. Call the experts in Greater Vancouver at (604) FIX LEAK. We can find the source of your leaks, perform repairs as needed, and even do the restoration. We are experienced at helping our clients with insurance claims. Call us first!

Basement Leak Detection

Spotting basement leaks is sometimes easy and sometimes very difficult. While some leaks are very apparent, others are undetectable. The earlier potential leaks are detected, the less damage they can cause.

Our basement leak detection service prevents expensive water damage by spotting leaks early. We perform a thorough examination of eavestroughs, downspouts, pipes, and foundation walls in search of potential leaks.

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Perimeter Drainage Service

Our certified team will handle all inspections, seal any leaks, and identify problem areas as needed. In Vancouver, we receive ample amounts of rainfall every year. If a home's perimeter drainage system is not working correctly, the water will likely seep into your foundation and basement.

Our team can correct inefficient perimeter drainage. We can fix clogs, repair broken pipes, or replace damaged material to fix any perimeter drainage issues.

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Get Professional Assistance Today

The best way to be proactive is to hire a professional to spot potential water leaks in your home. Our team at 604-Fix-Leak offers cost-effective service for all leaks and water damage repair needs.

Our service technicians will arrive at your home with our mobile water leak truck and immediately begin testing for any water leaks within the property. We quickly locate the cause of the leak and create a plan to fix it.

We work hard to ensure that our customers are educated about their problem and how we will be addressing it. We advise you on how to prevent future leakage from occurring and how to avoid mold build-up using air purifiers and dehumidifiers.

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