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On this page, you can find testimonials and reviews of our company from past and present clients.

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I hired 604-FIX-LEAK to do the re-piping of the water and heating lines to m duplex home. My neighbour hired a different plumbing company, allowing me to compare the quality of repair and price with the adjoining duplex. It was easy to analyze the projects as the homes are identical. As a result I’m very happy with 604-FIX-LEAK and would like to recommend them to everybody.

- Marc Robillard

I just want to thank John Juzyniec from 1-800-FIX-LEAK and Linda from Aviva Insurance for ensuring that our basement is liveable before Christmas Eve. I want to thank you and your contractors that worked tirelessly to ensure that we have our basement to be able to enjoy on Christmas Day. Having our basement back we were able to have a Christmas tree and a place for our kids to open their presents on Christmas Day. Our kids were also able to enjoy their new toys from Santa because they have their play area back. I am so impressed that you were able to get our basement back less than 2 weeks after the flood. All of the workers that came in were professional and very friendly. They were always in communication on what time they were going to be here and were always on time. Being 5 months pregnant and having back issues it was hard for me to get everything packed up to get our stuff in the storage and to get them unpacked when it was time to put them back. First On Site Restoration were amazing and great help to ensure that I was not too stressed out to get things ready for Christmas Day. Thank you so much for getting a cleaning crew to ensure all of the necessary cleaning was done. Thank you so much for making this experience stress free for me and my family.

- Elaine Costa

We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. John Juzyniec and his Company, Solution Restoration Inc., as well and his team of professionals for providing high quality full service. They quickly took care not only of plumbing, water damage from broken pipe in my basement and drying process, but they were dealing with insurance company, they arrange removing out and moving back furniture for the period of restoration, and finally they provided high quality restoration of my house.

I do not wish anybody to experience broken pipe and water damage, but if this happen to anyone, do not get frustrated or lost; just call Mr. John Juzyniec and his Solution Restoration Inc. When it happened to me, I did not know what to do. I call 604-FIX-LEAK for emergency plumbing, and Mr. Juzyniec responded immediately. From the moment I call him, to the final stages of restoration, Mr. John Juzyniec took care of everything. We did not have to do anything. His professional approach to emergency respond, damage control and repairs, and his experience in dealing with insurance company, took away the stress related to accident. He ensured smooth and high quality restoration. Everything was done on time and cost me only my insurance “deductible”.

I am professional accountant and I am very conservative and careful with recommendations, but I am completely satisfied with Solution Restoration Inc., and I highly recommend Mr. John Juzyniec in case of water damage to your home. They provide peace of mind and the highest quality full service. Remember call: 604-FIX-LEAK.

Thank you and Congratulations to Mr. John Juzyniec and his Solution Restoration Inc.

- Jan & Krystyna Pajak

I wanted to take the time to write you to express our appreciation for the renovation recently completed on our home by 604-FIX-LEAK.

Not long ago we noticed a stain on our Dining Room ceiling. The source was a leak in our Master bath shower drain which was only accessible from below. The repair required several trades (Carpenter, Plumber and Drywaller) to work on the project. I had some difficulty in locating an all in solution like 604-FIX-LEAK. I did ask for a quote from a major hardware store, from their installation department, which came in @ $18,000 after a 10 minute on-site inspection. I was shocked and needless to say, I continued my search for assistance.

My wife heard about your company on CKNW radio and suggested I call to investigate. I was particularly relieved that you had a team of professionals that could resolve our issue, and after a week of minor renovation, the shower and dining room are better than new. We are thrilled at the service we received from your trades team, who were professional, courteous and willing to accommodate our busy schedules.

For anyone looking to fix a problem relating to water penetration/leaks I highly recommend you call 604-FIX-LEAK. John is a great quarterback and arranged his team of tradesmen efficiently around my schedule. The total end cost was 1/10th of what Home Depot quoted me.

- Jim Morris

We would like to commend John and Solution Restorations Inc. to you for their competent and timely repairs and restoration to our condo. Of course, after a full-sized pickup truck smashed through our bedroom wall and parked its front bumper on our headboard, we were a bit shaken up. John and his company went to work straight away and it was clear that we didn’t need to micromanage or worry about the quality of the work or any detail being missed.

They were very respectful and courteous and kept us aware of any decisions that we needed to make – but they weren’t the least bit intrusive. Our newest baby girl was just weeks old and of course we wanted to get back into the comfort and convenience of our own home again, and they made that possible within their promised time. It took them 2 weeks (10 working days) to complete the repairs including the inspections, the obtaining of permits and the actual labour on the condo unit. They worked efficiently and carefully to replace and repair everything as it was before the accident. They did a great job reframing damaged walls which included a local bearing wall, replacing doors and windows, exterior brick veneer, electrical, drywall, insulation, painting and the flooring repairs.

Honestly, if you want a team that will do careful, excellent and timely repairs and renovations with friendliness and courtesy go with John Juzyniec and Solution Restorations.

- Matt and Cristina Unruh

The repairs have been completed and to our satisfaction. John, the tradesmen that worked here were all excellent and respectful of us and our house. Ricardo, the painter, held a difficult job but he executed it carefully. All trades cleaned up after themselves. This unfortunate experience was quickly rectified and we are back to normal. A special thanks to all.

PS. My neighbours and coworkers are showing an interest in BCAA home insurance now.

- Don & Maggie Flintoff