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Plumbing Pipe Replacement

The Reason

There are several reasons as to why the Lower Mainland suffers from rapid water pipe corrosion. These include: dated building codes, poor workmanship and sub-standard plumbing material. Moreover, our glacial water, over time, dissolves copper pipes from the inside out. Thus the pipes become thinner and eroded.

Corrosion of piping systems in the Lower Mainland can be attributed to our acidic water. Electrolysis is also a culprit of damaging pipes in a home or business. Once corrosion plagues a piping system, it will result in pinhole openings in the pipe. These pinholes serve to decrease water pressure and cause small leaks. The replacement of these pipes will prove to be a short-term, quick fix; repiping may be more costly upfront than replacing select pipes, however most definitely reduces the probability of a large flood.

Our Approach

As part of our service, we enlist the services of a mechanical engineer. The engineer ensures that parts we install are efficient. Further, our technicians are fully qualified in piping replacement, and uphold the highest quality of workmanship. 604-FIX-LEAK also ensures that all our work is completed in compliance with building codes and regulations.

The materials we use are certified plumbing grade. We also only install the strongest copper pipe (type K). We ensure that the sizes of the pipes are adequate for pressure, flow and noise.

All of our service is certified, and as such, we will request a municipal inspection and provide you with a warranty on our parts and labour.

After our initial consultation, we will provide you with a detailed job estimate for your repiping project. We will keep you informed about the schedules and progress of the job.

Your home is your most valuable asset, and we will take care of it as if it were our own. Our workers will clean up at the end of each work day, and once the repiping is complete and the drywall and painting are finished, a final, thorough cleaning will take place. Your house will be just as you left it. Minus the leaks.

Slow Leaks

Slow water leaks originating from your toilet, bathtub, faucet, or a major appliance aren’t quite as dramatic or easy to identify as a pipe that bursts in a wall or ceiling. Slow leaks are often silent, but have the ability to cause extensive damage over time if left unaddressed.

The best sign of a slow water leak is staining or discoloration in the surrounding walls.

Call 604-FIX-LEAK to address such an issue, and save money in the process!

Whether is time to upgrade or refreshen your home count on us. 604-FIX-LEAK is a full service company and along with its sister company Solution Renovations, could assist with a complete bathroom renovation, kitchen or any room we will be working on.