Perimeter Drainage Services

All residential homes have perimeter drainage systems. The purpose of them is to channel outside water, from rainfall, for example, away from the building. Often perimeter drainage systems are either not installed correctly or they have outlived their service life, and that is the reason you have water in your basement. Call us first at (604) FIX LEAK. We can assess the source of your leak, fix the leak, mitigate water damage, and perform restoration as needed. Our professionals are experts on perimeter drainage systems.

What is a Perimeter Drainage System?

When a home is being built, some excavation is done around the exterior, close to the foundation. Weeping tiles are installed in a bed of gravel, and then more gravel is laid on top of the tile. Then this is filled in with loose dirt.

The weeping tiles are like pipes and have holes in the top of them, so water can get into the pipe. These pipes are then laid out in a way to carry water down a slope and away from the foundation. Many years ago, weeping tiles were made of clay, but now, usually PVC pipe is used instead because it’s sturdier, cheaper, and more resistant to decay. In addition, today, a screen or sock is installed with the piping.

In order for the system to work, the pipe has to be installed using a proper grade away from the house. The pipe needs to remain intact, and not clogged from dirt or debris. Unfortunately, over time, perimeter drainage systems often become damaged. Old clay tiles break down, trees roots can mangle pipe, and heaving of the ground can clog pipes.

One of the first indications that a problem exists with a perimeter drainage system is if you are getting water into your house, basement, or crawlspace. If your roof and windows are not leaking, then it is likely a drainage tile problem.

Fixing perimeter drainage systems is one of the services we offer. We understand how they are supposed to work, and how to fix them when they are not working as designed. Sometimes perimeter drainage systems are not installed correctly in the first place. Sometimes the materials used have deteriorated over time, and sometimes it may just be clogged.

If you suspect problems with your perimeter drainage system on the Lower Mainland, call us today at 604-349-5325.