Drainage Repairs

Household Drainage Services

Maintenance and proper repair of all drainage systems is critical to preventing and minimizing the impact of water-related damage. A well-functioning drainage system will help prevent leaks, burst pipes or full-on floods. Should anything happen, a 604-FIX-LEAK mobile professional technicians are ready to help 24/7. Call us first!

Garbage Disposal

Designed for light food waste, garbage disposals tend to be one of the most misused appliances in homes. Is your kitchen sink not draining properly? It may be due to a clogged garbage disposal.

Sump Pump Problems

An overworked sump pump can result in a completely flooded basement. Frozen or clogged drainage lines can also be the culprits of such flooding. Regular and preventative maintenance are key to ensuring this does not happen in your household or business. Call 604-FIX-LEAK and we will be happy to evaluate your current setup.

Sewer Backups

Sometimes a municipal sewer can unexpectedly back-up and cause a massive flood in your home. If you suspect the sewer to be the main source of your issue, call us immediately; don’t touch anything. Sewer related floods will cause the same type of water related damage expected with any other type of flood: mould, structural, ruined carpets, furniture and personal items in addition to introducing bacteria to your space. With any type of flood, it is strongly suggested that you seek professional help. 604-FIX-LEAK’s mobile technicians are well-equipped and ready to help.

Drain Tile Cleaning, Repair, Maintenance & Installation

Depending on when your drain tile system was installed; you may have a less efficient, and likely damaged, clay based system. Often, if there are drainage issues with clay drain tiles, it is best to consider replacing the entire system with far more efficient PVC pipes.

Drain Inspection

Prolonging the life of your drainage system is achieved through regular inspection and maintenance. Closed circuit television is used to inspect the pipe clearly and help determine the best approach to handle a blockage or leak.

High Pressure Drain & Sewer Jetting

Sewer jetting is basically a controlled stream of high pressure water used to dislodge and flush out any blockage. Cleared debris then flows back down the existing water stream.