Winter Leak Inspection and Prevention Tips

by admin September 28th, 2021 in Leak Detection
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When it comes to winter, most of us are worried about staying warm and dealing with any snowfall. While that undoubtedly plays an impact on our day-to-day lives, winter can have an even bigger impact on our homes.

It should be no surprise to you that it is cold in the winter. And, when you factor in the constant rain and potential snowfall, you are looking at a higher likelihood of leakage. With leaks occurring anywhere between your roof and the basement, it is important to know how to prevent them before they are a serious problem.

How Do Leaks Happen?

Even in Vancouver, there will be freezing weather. This freezing weather is an incredibly stressful time for the water flow in your pipes. If the water freezes in your pipes, it can expand, which may cause leaks and potentially even a complete failure.

It is not just freezing weather you need to worry about. Rain and melted snow can leak through your roof or basement if you do not properly direct it away from your home. Dealing with a roof leak can be particularly challenging and should often be left to a professional.

How to Spot Leaks

While most fixes should be left to the professionals, it is up to each respective homeowner to actively spot leaks before it is too late. The three ways to do this are:

  • Monitor for Wet Spots
    This is a simple way to see if any water is coming in. If you see a wet spot, you must act quickly.
  • Check the Water Pressure
    Another easy way to check for potential leaks is by monitoring your water pressure. If water is leaking out of any pipe, your water flow will be noticeably impacted.
  • Pay Attention to Any Irregularities in your Water Bill
    A convenient way to monitor for any leaks is by checking your water bill. If you have noticed a spike in cost for the last month or two, it could be due to leakage.

How to Prevent Leaks

The simplest way to prevent leaks is by being proactive and doing regular inspections. It is early in the winter season, and you still have time to fix any small concerns before they become big problems.

In terms of being proactive, there are a few simple checks to perform. For your roof, grab a hose or can of water and test your tiling and chimney for any cracks. While you are up there, take a close look for any potential mold or rotting framing. Noticing these early will save you from costly repairs due to water damage.

Do not forget to test how effective the drainage is for your basement and roof. When water and snow accumulate, it needs to run off somewhere appropriate. If not, it will make for an unwanted guest on a winter’s day.

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