Winter in Vancouver: Dealing with Flood and Water Damage

by admin November 10th, 2017 in Leak Detection
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Vancouver residents are starting to pull out their rain boots and winter jackets as the fall and winter rains and cold weather have started beating down on us. One thing that some people may be forgetting is that your home needs some protection from the bad weather as well.

Water threats exists both in and outside of the home in many different forms, from cracks in foundation to improper plumbing connections, or defective hot water tanks – it’s important to detect potential causes of water damage before the damage occurs, especially coming into the winter season.

With water damage, prevention is the best option. The best way to prevent water damage is with regular inspections and upkeep. A professional roof inspection is recommended at least every 10 years, as well as regular checking of all appliances and hot water tank. Anything involving water should be considered a threat to your home – keep special attention to plumbing hoses which may be wearing out. As a homeowner, it is immensely important to familiarize yourself with your home’s shut-off valves.

Basements are another “hot spot” for water damage during the rainy season, often due to cracked walls or foundation, drainage tiles, sump pump failures, or storm sewer back ups.

For some quick tips on preventing water damage in the home, see below:

  • Remove leaves and debris from gutters;
  • Check indoor appliances for worn hoses and tight connections;
  • Winterize outdoor faucets;
  • Ensure adequate venting in your attic and crawl spaces; and
  • Get a professional roof inspection done every 10 years.

The key to protecting your home against water threats is in careful prevention – be alert to what may cause water damage within your home, and ensure to keep up on proper inspections. This can avoid serious water damage to your home, and resulting health issues in your family from secondary water problems such as mould build up.