Window Frame Maintenance and How It Will Prevent Leaking

by admin June 8th, 2016 in Leak Detection
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Whether you have new windows or replacement windows, occasionally you may find air leaking in. Initially, you might not be aware of where the leak is but you want to find the problem and fix it fast to avoid air and moisture creeping into a room.

What to Look for in Window Frame Maintenance

Below you will find some pointers for how to inspect your window frames, should you expect they are not functioning optimally.

  1. Give the window frame a visual inspection.
    Occasionally you may find damage to the finished surface. If you're going to use paint or varnish to make a repair, keep it away from the weatherstripping. Solvents of any kind will result in weatherstripping losing its flexibility.
  2. Inspect all exterior caulking around the windows.
    When doing a window leak repair, trim off any excess or loose caulking for a neater appearance. If you find gaps, then seal them up with a good quality caulk.
  3. Clean away any dust, dirt or sand from window hinges, sills, and tracks.
    Dust, dirt or sand in these places are all ways for water and air to find their way in. This simple basement leak repair is often overlooked.
  4. Check that exposed hardware is securely and tightly fit.
    Loose screws or hinges will let in the water and air easily. Check that these are all nice and tight.
  5. Check that all windows close tightly.
    Pay particular attention to older windows. When checking on a basement leak repair, the problem may well be in the window fit. This applies to screen and storm combination windows and doors.

Even the smallest opening can result in lost heat or cool air entering, as well as potentially letting in unwanted moisture. By going through this simple checklist, you'll be one step closer to keeping your home or business safe and secure.