Why Professional Plumbing Repairs Keep Insurance Rates Down

December 26th, 2023 in Plumbing Leaks
Why Professional Plumbing Repairs Keep Insurance Rates Down

As homes age, they often need different repairs or updating. Some of these updates may be more urgent than others, some will be for convenience, and some will even make your house more energy efficient. Some of these changes to your home may affect your insurance rates by improving them because insurers understand the risks of not upgrading or repairing in certain circumstances. 

Whether or not professional plumbing repairs would lower your insurance rates depends on what the repairs or changes are and your jurisdiction. This is something you may want to explore with your insurance broker before work starts. 

Here, below, are some reasons why you may want to do some professional plumbing changes or repairs: 

  1. You have PolyB (polybutylene) piping.

    PolyB was frequently used in home construction in the 1990s, but no longer meets building codes because it has been shown to fail over time. PolyB should be replaced. 
  2. You have already experienced a flood and water damage.

    In this case, you may need extensive plumbing repair in addition to other remediation.
  3. You have copper pipe corrosion.

    Copper pipe corrosion is very common on the Lower Mainland because of water chemistry. Copper pipes often have to be replaced in an older home. 

The three cases listed above are all reasons why you may need extensive professional plumbing repairs or renovations. We cannot guarantee that these repairs will lower your insurance rates, but they can. It is certainly worth asking the question of your insurance people. 

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