Who Needs Repiping Services in Their Home?

by admin February 10th, 2018 in Re-Piping Services
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Repiping services sound like a big hassle, because it’s just what it sounds like. Sometimes, you have to replace the pipes in your home. This can be a quick and easy job under the sink, fixing a section of pipe where a leak has developed. Or it can be an involved project that requires your walls to be dismantled so that a leaking pipe can be removed. These are the common reasons that people opt for (or are forced to conduct) a repiping of their home.

Water and Pipes Over Time

Here in Vancouver, anyone with copper piping is eventually going to have to repipe their home. We’ve got hard water with lots of minerals and that means the pipes will slowly be worn down until they break or start to leak.

A Job Poorly Done

Repiping is also done in homes when the original job was completed fast and cheap. If you find out that your home has poor plumbing, repiping can help.

Leaks and Breaks

No matter the source of the problem, it’s most likely going to be a leak or a broken pipe that alerts you to the fact that you need to repipe your home. Sometimes people don’t know there’s a leak, but are alerted because water pressure becomes suspiciously low.

Often the source of the problem is relatively easy to find, and repiping is usually conducted as a result of identifying the problem. But sometimes you have to repipe your home because the original job wasn’t done well or the pipes themselves have simply worn out. In the long term, repiping your home may save you money when compared with individual fixes here and there. If your home is older and the piping hasn’t been replaced in a long time, repiping can save you from serious water damage.