Where is That Leak Coming From?

by admin October 10th, 2018 in Leak Detection
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Water damage in your home can be a frightening and costly ordeal. Aside from the obvious cost of repairs to any damages that are caused by the water damage, other concerns may arise from water damage in your home including a cost to your family’s health from respiratory infections and other concerns coming from mold.

When there is water entering your home, the first thing that should be sorted out is where the leak is coming from. Once that is established, repairs can begin immediately to stop the water from entering the home and to avoid further damage.

So, the biggest question is – where is that leak coming from? Here are the most common areas of a home where water may be coming from.

  • Roof Leaks
    If repairs to your roof are needed, it is important to get these dealt with as soon as possible. Leaks from the roof can quickly become a significant problem. Unfortunately, leaks from the roof can be costly and difficult to repair. A roofing professional should be consulted to take care of a leak coming from the roof.
  • Basement Leaks
    The basement of a home is the most likely place to find a leak, because it is the lowest point within a home. Water in the basement can come from several sources, all of which need an individualized plan to fix. Sources of basement leaks can include: foundation issues, sewer backup, pipe leaks, or even run off from gutters.
  • Bathroom Leaks
    Bathroom leaks are generally easy to source – especially if the bathroom in question is on the second floor. If you notice the ceiling below a bathroom bubbling or flaking, you’ve likely got a leak in the bathroom. A bathroom leak can come from any fixture within the bathroom: the toilet, sink, or shower. All of these fixtures have different fixes.

No matter where the leak in your home is coming from, it needs to be fixed right away. Leaks that are left unfixed may cause irreparable damage that can be extremely costly to fix, and may even cause health issues for your family. For this reason, we recommend finding the source of the leak immediately.