What To Do When Your Bathtub Leaks

by admin February 10th, 2018 in Roof Leaks
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604FixLeak, based in Burnaby, BC, provides leak detection in Vancouver. They know that it helps to spot a leak before it gets too bad. A bathtub leak can be particularly damaging if it is not identified early on.

How do you know if you have a leak from your bathtub?

If your tub is on the second floor or higher, take a look at the ceiling beneath. Is there dark staining, or other signs of water damage? Is the ceiling sagging?

Next, do a quick appraisal of the bathroom itself.

  • Moisture or staining around the faucets indicate plumbing leaks.
  • If your floors are wet and uneven, even when you’re careful in the shower, this can indicate a water leak.
  • Stained or warped bathroom walls with loose paint point to serious water leakage.

Types Of Bathtub Leaks

There are generally two types of bathtub leaks.

  • Drain leaks  - These are particularly damaging. Here the water is free to flow from the bathtub to the horizontal drain pipe under the floor. This can lead to ceiling damage to the room below, or even rot your floor joists.
  • Tile leaks - Persistent mold on your bathroom walls often indicates the presence of tile leaks. These occur when water gets behind the wall by seeping through deteriorating grout. Tile leaks can result in loosening tiles, as well as more serious damage to the wall, subfloor and joists.

If this all sounds like your current situation, hire a good leak detection plumber quickly. Don't leave it until the damage to your drywall and floors becomes uncontainable.

Mold will thrive if there is a leaking water pipe behind the wall, even in those corners furthest from the bathtub. Mold takes hold wherever water accumulates.

If you believe you have a leaking bathtub or a plumbing leak, it’s vital to act as soon as you can. Book a good Vancouver plumber before the problem gets out of hand.