What Is Weeping Tile?

February 21st, 2024 in Plumbing Leaks
What Is Weeping Tile?

One of the reasons that homes may develop leaks is when there is a problem with the exterior drainage system. Since this kind of repair and clean-up is what we do, we wanted to devote a blog article to the subject of weeping tile. What is it? 

Weeping Tile 

Weeping tile is pipe that is buried around your house and ferries water away from the house. Many years ago, this type of pipe was made of clay and was porous. It literally “wept” and some water descended into the ground while the majority journeyed away from the building. 

Today, weeping tile is usually PVC pipe that has little holes in it. So, some water still escapes and drains into the ground, but most of the water is carried some distance from the building, and this is how you avoid getting water in your basement. And those little holes in the pipe are as much for collecting water that drains into the pipe as they are for allowing some water to escape. 


The installation of weeping tile is critical. The pipe has to be put where it is supposed to go depending on the grade of your property. It has to be buried at the right depth, and it has to descend away from the house at the correct angle. 


Over time, if the weeping tile was not installed correctly, you will have problems with drainage away from the building. Also, as buildings age, so does the pipe, and sometimes pipes get damaged and no longer do their jobs. 

So, if your leak points to a problem with the exterior drainage, then the weeping tile may need to be inspected and possibly replaced. 

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