What is the Difference Between Flood Mitigation and Restoration?

by admin October 27th, 2019 in Flood Restoration
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If you have experienced a major leak or flood, you probably know the importance of calling for professional help right away. When dealing with water damage, professionals will first come in for flood mitigation, which can be a fairly quick process. After this, the lengthier flood restoration process can begin. So what are the differences between each of these phases?


The first step when you call 604FixLeak, flood mitigation is performed before any cleanup or restoration takes place. The purpose of flood mitigation is to stop any further damage occurring from the current leak or flood. Even after the water supply has been turned off, or outside flood water has stopped entering the space, sitting water can continue to cause damage. Mitigation might include pulling up soggy carpeting so it does not rot the subfloor, pumping out any standing water pools in basements or crawl spaces, removing damaged furniture and more. This is a vital first step to ensure no further damage will happen.

Flood Restoration

Flood restoration is the longer process in flood cleanup. Restoration is performed on anything that was damaged prior to mitigation, to return it to its pre-flood condition. This could include replacement of flooring, subflooring, walls, and other portions of the home or business.

If you experience a flood or water leak, understanding the difference between mitigation and flood restoration can help you understand the process, and deal with the aftermath. For more information, or for help with a flood, contact 604FixLeak.