What is Jetting a Sewer Line?

by admin August 7th, 2018 in Plumbing Leaks
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Jetting a sewer line is a method of cleaning sewer and drain lines using high pressure water. An engine powers a water pump that produces high pressured water – all units for jetting are rated for pressure and water flow based on the engine’s horsepower.

Jetting to Clear Sewer Lines

To use jetting for clearing clogged sewer lines, a nozzle with a forward jet is used to bore through a blockage. The forward jet design breaks through the blockage while rear jets remove the bulk of what is clogging the line.

Benefits of Jetting

By using jetting to clear clogs, less damage will be caused to delicate, aging pipes and you will be less likely to have to dig up the entire yard to fix a clog than you would with using a snaking method with a mechanic rooter. Jetting can remove blockages as difficult as tree roots and can remove sludge build up without causing trauma to the pipes.

A plumbing professional will utilize fibre-optic video technology to locate the clog and assess the condition of the pipes and the clog. Based on a visual evaluation, the plumber may select a different jetting head to best suit the job.

The use of high pressure heated water in the pipe-clearing hydro-jetting method is a quickly becoming one of the most popular newer technologies in plumbing. Because it is far easier, more effective, and less damaging than older methods such as snaking, more and more plumbing professionals are option to use this method for clearing sewers and drains.