What is a water main? What to do when it bursts?

by admin August 14th, 2019 in Plumbing Leaks
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You may have seen it on the news or read about it online. A burst water main, causing damage to homes and uprooting families. Do you know what a water main is? Are you prepared and armed with the knowledge of what to do if and when a water main bursts? If not, read on.

What is a water main?

The simplest description of a water main is that it is the main underground pipe that delivers clean and treated water to the end users service pipe. These are high pressure systems that usually run under concrete and streets. If a water main develops a hole or crack and begins to leak, the pressure will continue to push water to the surface until it either a water main replacement or water main repairs.

Often, a burst water main will need to be dealt with quickly. Repair crews will not usually notify customers that the water supply will be turned off, as quick action is required to prevent damage to infrastructure and flooding to houses and other surrounding features. Water main water flow will be blocked by turning off strategically placed valves which will stop water from continuing to flow.

After crews have finished their repairs, and the water is turned back on, you maybe notice that water from taps runs brown or dirty. This is normal and you should continue to flush your taps until it runs clear.

If a water main breaks and water does rush into your home, make sure you immediately call 604fixleak for flood restoration services.