What Happens If I Do Not Fix my Leaky Roof?

November 24th, 2023 in Roof Leaks
What Happens If I Do Not Fix my Leaky Roof?

If you have or suspect you have a leaking roof, then you may also wonder what would happen if you do not fix the leak. In today’s blog article, we are going to explain what happens if you do not fix a leak in the roof. 

The Roof Itself 

The first issue is the roof itself. When there is a leak coming from a roof, in the beginning the leak may be isolated to a small area. However, when that leak is not repaired, more of the roof can be compromised. 

Water getting under your roof tiles damages the sealing and wood underneath the roof tiles. What starts as a small patch needed can spiral into needing a whole new roof. 

Interior Damage 

When there is a roof that leaks, initially there may be a small wet spot on a ceiling or wall. A small problem can often be fixed on a small scale. However, leaks that go unchecked, can cause substantial damage. There can be mold forming in the walls or ceiling, and, in addition, studs within walls, and joists in the ceiling can deteriorate from constant contact with water. 

The biggest problem with not fixing a leak—which homeowners may not understand—is that when you see evidence of a leak, there may be a big problem that has developed before you ever see any signs of it. Lots of water damage in walls and ceilings can occur without obvious evidence to the homeowner. 

If you have or suspect you have a leak from your roof, then do not delay in diagnosing and fixing the problem. Not fixing the problem right away can and will lead to much bigger problems over time. 

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