What are the Advantages of Re-Piping Over Repairing?

by admin August 7th, 2018 in Plumbing Leaks
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One large decision that most homeowners will have to make at some point in their home ownership is whether or not to repair their plumbing or to replace it. In many homes, repairing the plumbing can be a viable option for many years – clogged drains or leaky pipes are to be expected, and are usually a fairly easy repair for a knowledgeable plumber. However, at some point pipe repairs can become more trouble than they are worth – when this happens, it may be more cost effective to replace to plumbing completely.

Pipes Have a Lifespan

Unfortunately, pipes don’t last forever. While some types of piping may last for many years – some even reaching to 100, the lifespan of pipes can be impacted by a number of external factors such as if the pipes are insulated, if they have been cleaned with chemical drain cleaners, or the quality of the water. It is best that homeowners familiarize themselves with the warning signs of needing a pipe repair or replacement.

Pipe Warning Signs

If you are seeing any of the following signs, it may time to look at having your pipes replaced rathe than repaired:

  • There is rust in your water;
  • You seem to be calling a plumber more often that you should be; and
  • Basic repairs seem to be causing more problems.

How much re-piping a home will cost, will depend on the size of house, the type of piping, and the method used. Some options may include re-piping only exposed plumbing, re-piping in conjunction with a remodel, and be sure to get competitive bids from local plumbers.