Top 5 Causes of Leaks

by admin May 22nd, 2022 in Leak Detection
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Water leaks are common in residential homes. Leaks should be addressed and repaired because they cost you money in wasted water, leaks can cause substantial damage including rot and mold, and it is bad for the environment if unused water is running down the drain. In today’s blog article, we are going to talk about the most common causes of leaks.


A leaky spigot is very common. Often, but not always, fixing it just requires changing a washer on the inside of the assembly. Sink faucets, shower or tub heads, and outside spigots for watering the yard are all candidates for a leak.


A leaky roof is different type of problem and can have several different causes or a combination of them. The roof may be old, there may be tiles missing, a winter ice dam, or hail damage could all contribute to a leak. One of the problems with a leaking roof is that you may not even realize you have a problem until a lot of damage has already occurred.


Yes, windows leak frequently. This is often because they were not installed correctly or because age and rot has created open seams around the window.


Basements can leak for a variety of reasons including improper drainage around the house, settling, and cracks in the foundation.


Unfortunately, toilets can easily leak, especially around the base which may be a problem with the wax seal. When toilet leaks are not addressed, there can be substantial damage to the subfloor.

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