Tips for Preventing Water Leaks, Flood, and Sewer Back-Up in Older Homes

April 29th, 2023 in Plumbing Leaks
Tips for Preventing Water Leaks, Flood, and Sewer Back-Up in Older Homes

There are some types of water disasters like unusual and terrible rains and river flooding that are beyond our control. But often, there are things we can do as homeowners to prevent big water leaks or sewer back-up. In today’s blog, we will talk about what kinds of prevention are within our reach. 

Identify Potential Problems 

If you can identify potential problems, then you can try to address them before they get out of control. For example, if your basement has had water in it in the past, then there’s every chance you will get water in it again. Do you have a sump pump on the ready? Are your exterior drain tiles working properly? 

Is your house plumbed with Poly B? If so, then it would be a good idea to update it. Poly B is no longer used in home plumbing because it is known to fail.  

Do you already suspect a leak somewhere? If so, address it sooner rather than later. Leaks do not fix themselves and only get worse over time. If leaks are slow and go on for years then you can have a major mold problem, too. 


To prevent sewer backup, don’t plant trees near sewer lines that are known to interfere with water pipes like a weeping willow. Install a sewer backup valve that will close if there is a sewer backup. Never flush random items down a toilet—just toilet paper. 

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