The Impact of Leaks on Your Water Bill

April 29th, 2024 in Roof Leaks
The Impact of Leaks on Your Water Bill

The impact of leaks on your water bill is an unknown entity. Since many household leaks are silent, most of us have no idea if our water bill is accurate or not. What we mean is, it is impossible to know whether the water volume that is metered and that you pay for is water that you actually used or water that you used in addition to water that was leaking. 

If, all of a sudden, your water bill doubles, you may notice that something is wrong. However, most of us, most of the time, are not very good at determining if we have a leak, which is why it is a good idea to let professionals look into it for you. In today’s blog article, we want to give you some ideas of where you may have silent leaks. 

Toilets and Sinks 

Toilets and sinks are notorious for leaks. If you hear a toilet running, then you know you are losing water. But sometimes toilets run—or leak into the overflow tube—but the sound is so quiet that you will not hear it or notice it. That is water you are paying for but not really using. 

Toilets can also leak quietly at the base underneath the flooring if the toilet is not set properly. Sinks can leak underneath, but if you have a million items under your sink, you may not notice that you have a leak for a very long time. 

Roofs and Chimneys 

It is not unusual to have a roof leak or a leak around the flashing of a chimney that is not obvious. Water may be leaking inside your walls, and this can go on for years without obvious outward signs. 


Usually, we would notice if we had a leak in a basement. But if you don’t go in the basement much or spend a lot of time in your crawl space, you could have an undetected leak. Similarly, a musty smell in a room can indicate a leak, or worse yet, the growth of mold, even if you do not see anything on the walls. 

If you are concerned about paying more for your water than you should be, let professionals look around your house and see if they can find any leaks. With special equipment and loads of experience, leak detection experts can find leaks that you cannot. 

We can stop your leaks, do the clean-up, execute your restoration, and help with any replumbing needed. This is our area of expertise, and we can diagnose and fix the problem for you. Please call us on the Lower Mainland at (604) 349-5325 if you need help diagnosing or preventing water leaks. 

604FixLeak offers leak detection, plumbing repairs and restoration services in the Greater Vancouver area. 

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