The Environmental Impacts of Water Leaks, Flood, and Sewer Back-Up

March 28th, 2023 in Plumbing Leaks
Environmental Impacts Water Leaks, Flood, and Sewer Back-Up

There are many important environmental impacts of water leaks, flooding, and sewer back-up that occur inside a home. Today, we are going to look at some of the micro and macro environmental impacts. 


If we look at the smaller scale, any of these problems noted above could cause significant damage inside a home both short and long term. Water causes terrible damage: to flooring, drywall, and furniture. 

In the longer term, if clean-up is not thorough or complete, water damage can lead to fungi growth which can continue unabated until the problem becomes enormous. 

If we talk about water leaks, how much damage occurs depends on how big the leak is and how long water is leaking. For flooding, again, the damage can be just a little water in the basement or it can be catastrophic. Sewer back-ups are terrible and can render a living space uninhabitable because of the odor and the potential contact with germs. 


If we look at larger scale ramifications, flooding can damage not just the interior of house but the exterior as well, such as whatever drainage system you have and even your landscaping. Flooding can change the course of a river and can damage a building’s foundation. 

One of the biggest potential problems with flooding is similar to the problems associated with sewer back-up, and that is getting contaminated materials or liquids into the drinking water. The last thing anyone wants is untreated sewage or ground surface chemicals (such as pesticides) moving into the drinking water. 

For all of these reasons, we recommend that if you have had a flood or water leak or a sewage problem that you get some professional help to clean up and fix the problem. 

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