The Environmental Impact of Water Leaks

March 20th, 2024 in Plumbing Leaks
The Environmental Impact of Water Leaks

Water leaks in a home or building are not good. They are not good for the building, for the owner, or for the environment. In today’s blog article we are going to discuss why water leaks have such a negative impact on the environment. 

There are several different ways that water leaks have a negative impact on the environment. Some may be obvious, but others are more subtle. Let’s take a look at some of them. 

Water Volume (1) 

First, consider water volume. If you have a water leak, then your system is adding more water to compensate for water lost. That means your water bills will be higher than usual, which is often one way leaks are identified. If you are using more water than you need over a long period, then that is bad for the water source. Many areas are suffering from lower-than-normal water levels, so the last thing you want is to be using water unnecessarily and putting pressure on a system already under pressure. 

Water Volume (2) 

There is another way that water volume affects the environment. If you are losing water to a leak, your water system will be drawing extra water to make up for what is lost. That means your building system works harder than necessary and is using more gas or electricity. But if you look at the bigger picture, wherever you get your water from, that entity also has to work harder, which is likely a waste of energy, whether it is from a well pump or from a big utility. 

Air Environment 

When water leaks over a long period, it is very common for mold and mildew to form, especially if the leak is not noticed or addressed. Mold can grow behind walls and under floors. Your ambient air could be filled with unhealthy and unwanted mold spores that can make you sick. And mold can be complex and costly to remove. 

The best, cheapest, and easiest way to be kind to the environment as far as water goes is to detect leaks and stop them as soon as possible. If you need help doing that, then use experienced professionals, like us. 

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