Spring Back Up

by admin February 23rd, 2016 in Plumbing Leaks

Drain Tile Repair & Maintenance

With spring just around the corner, it is now time to think about regular home maintenance. Over the winter period homes are subject to extreme changes in temperature which can lead to property damage. One important area to keep an eye on is the drain tile, which can become blocked and can result in moisture problems on your property. Spring is the best time to inspect the property and carry out drain tile repairs if necessary.

What is the drain tile?

The drain tile runs around the perimeter of the building and its main purpose is to consistently move water away from your building. It is usually a PVC perforated pipe which allows water to get into the pipe and then, by gravity, directs the water to the sump pump.

Drain Tile Repair

Drain tile repair can sometimes be a difficult process. The drain tile lies underground, so you will have to dig in the ground in order to access it. Once this is done, the damaged section of the drain will have to be located and then repaired, usually by installing a new section of pipe. Care will have to be taken to make sure that all seals are intact. A layer of gravel is then covered over the drain and then the trench is filled up with earth.

Drain Tile Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the drain tile is essential. All drain tiles will have an access point. This should be located. With the aid of a sewer snake, any blockage can be loosened and removed. Once this has been done, the drain can be flushed with water to clear out any debris. This will help to keep the drain tile in good condition and lessen the need for drain tile repairs.

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