Smart Basement Storage Tips for Wet Weather

by admin August 22nd, 2014 in Basement Leaks
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During the rainy season in Vancouver, flooding and leaks pose a tremendous risk for homeowners. If your home has a basement or subfloor, proper preventative steps should be taken. Fortunately, it’s pretty simple to keep minor flooding from damaging your belongings if you’re aware of the risks and take steps to avoid them. 

Avoid the Floor 

A basement flood doesn't have to be all that severe to result in extensive water damage. Just an inch or two of water will ruin improperly stored items. Cardboard boxes absorb water and, if wet, actually increase the likelihood of water damage to objects left inside. Plastic storage containers with tight fitting or locking lids are ideal for safely storing your valuables. If you can do so, try to use shelves to store your storage containers, so they are not placed directly on the floor. If wall space is at a premium, use wooden or plastic pallets to elevate items that would otherwise be placed on the ground. 

Store Delicate Items Elsewhere 

Items such as seasonal decorations can be stored in the basement in containers or plastic bags, doubled up to resist water. But many common materials, such as paper, fabric, and electronics, will be damaged even if left in proximity to flood water. As water evaporates and dampness fills the air, these items will be the first to be effected. That's why clothing, electronics, books, and important documents should be kept on a higher level of the house. Do not store upholstered furniture in an area where there is risk of flood. 

Water damage happens quickly, especially in the wet Vancouver environment. To prevent damage to your valuable belongings in basement storage during a flood, preventive steps such as these will help. Keep your belongings elevated and off the floor, use plastic containers for storage, and place valuable and irreplaceable items on higher levels of your home.  These simple steps will help save unwanted damage and loss in the event of a basement leak or flood.