Signs That Your Roof Is Leaking

June 28th, 2023 in Roof Leaks
Signs That Your Roof Is Leaking

The signs that your roof is leaking can be obvious or subtle. In today’s blog, we are going to list for you the most common ways to spot a leaking roof. 

The Roof 

First, look at the roof. Are there tiles or shingles missing or out of alignment? Do you see any shingles curled up? That is a warning sign that water may be getting in, even if you have not seen it inside the house. 

The Attic 

Go up and take a good look in your attic with a flashlight. Do you see any discolouration of the posts or rafters? That can be a sign of a leak. Do you see any wet or discoloured insulation? These are warning signs of a leak. 


If you have vinyl siding, remove some below any problems areas you have noticed either on the roof or inside the attic. Sometimes water can travel down under the siding and damaging the strand board before the water makes its way into the house. 

Do you see any vertical streaks on the outside walls of the house coming down from the roof? If you see vertical streaks on the outside, then there may be water underneath the outside wall as well. 

Inside the House 

Do you see any discolouration on the ceiling in any room? Especially in the corners or where the ceiling meets the walls? This indicates you have water there. 

Do you see drywall on the ceiling that is curved, bowing down, and no longer sitting flat against the ceiling? This is a sure sign that there is water resting on the drywall. 


Last but not least, do you have water in your basement? That water could be coming from any number of sources, but the roof is one of those possibilities. 

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