Should You Wait Until Fall to Repair a Skylight Leak?

by admin September 21st, 2021 in Roof Leaks
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If you are wondering whether you should fix a leaking skylight now or later in the fall, the short answer is fix it as soon as possible. There are no good reasons to wait and several good reasons not to wait.

A leaking skylight is a menace, and, unfortunately, sooner or later, most of them leak. When a skylight leaks, several things happen:

  1. There is damage to the roof, and that damage can spread in every direction.
  2. There is damage to the ceiling and drywall, which will continue to spread until the leak is fixed.
  3. There is potential damage to the insulation in your attic.
  4. Your drywall and/ceiling will likely need repainting. The longer you wait, the bigger the job.
  5. There is the risk of mold either on the drywall or behind the drywall.

When you wait to repair a leaking skylight, a small job over time turns into a massive job. So, never wait to fix a leaking skylight. Even if there is no rain forecast for a while, you should have the leak fixed as soon as you notice it.

Because skylights are so prone to leaking, when you first have it installed, use experienced professionals with a great track record. Similarly, when you have a leaking skylight fixed, turn to experienced professionals (like us) to prevent a problem that repeats itself over and over. The installation and repair of skylights is not recommended for do-it-yourself-ers.

604FixLeak offers leak detection, plumbing repairs and restoration services in the Greater Vancouver area.

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