Preventing and Detecting Basement Leaks

by admin August 1st, 2014 in Basement Leaks
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Basement leaks are serious business, especially in a wet climate. Water in your basement can damage the foundation, which in turn can adversely affect property values, since foundation issues are difficult and costly to fix. Additionally, wet basements can harbour moulds that your family will be exposed to, and living with mould can create serious health problems. Your best line of defence, of course, is to prevent leaks in the first place, and if you do notice basement leaks, and once identified to call in professionals to deal with them as soon as possible. 

Identify the Source 

All basement leaks can be traced to one of two sources, and if you notice water in your basement, you’ll first want to determine how it got there. One source is outside—if water coming off roofs and gutters isn’t sloped away from the house, it will end up pooling along the foundation and over time the water will find its way into your basement through cracks or porous masonry. The second source is from inside the basement itself. Indoor humidity can condense on cold surfaces in the basement, causing water drops to form, just like they do on a cold bottle in a warm room. 

Solutions from the Pros 

Hydraulic cement patches, waterproof wall coatings, and adding gutter extensions to earth sloped away from the house are some of the solutions to prevent water from outside getting in. To eliminate condensation, insulating pipes and dryer vents can help. Your situation may call for some of these simple solutions, or a more drastic one, like installing a drainage system below the level of the basement floor. 

Leak professionals in Vancouver can help determine how to deal with current water problems, and how to prevent future leaks. Remember, a dry basement is an extra useable space in your house.