Plumbing After the Fact: From Dealing With a Leak Aftermath to Preventing Another

May 27th, 2023 in Plumbing Leaks
Plumbing After the Fact: From Dealing With a Leak Aftermath to Preventing Another

If you are unfortunate enough to have a bad water leak, you will encounter a host of problems. First you have to stop the leak because you cannot begin your clean-up until the water stops flowing where it should not be. Next you have the clean-up and then the restoration. Last you may need some new plumbing to prevent another problem down the road. 

Stopping a Leak 

Aside from just shutting off all the water to a house or building, stopping a leak can require different things depending on what the leak is due to. Often an additional valve is added somewhere to shut off water just to a specific area. 

If your problem stems from your foundation or drainage outside, then you may need a pump to remove water temporarily until the main problem can be addressed. 

Preventing A Future Problem 

The steps to preventing a future problem really depend on what the origin of your leak is. For example, if your furnace went off and cold weather caused pipes to burst, then the prevention for that is having someone visit your house regularly while you are away. 

However, if you have polybutylene (PolyB) pipes in your home and one leaked, then they should probably all be replaced because their service life is around 10 years. 

Fortunately, we handle all the phases of the problems described above. We can stop your leaks, do the clean-up, execute your restoration, and help with any replumbing needed. This is our area of expertise, and we can diagnose and fix the problem for you. Please call us on the Lower Mainland at (604) 349-5325 if you are experiencing any of the problems noted above. 

604FixLeak offers leak detection, plumbing repairs and restoration services in the Greater Vancouver area. 

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