Knowing When To Call In The Professionals

by admin January 22nd, 2016 in Plumbing Leaks

No matter where you live, occasionally there will be plumbing problems. Water will be leaking from somewhere or something, and you will need it to be fixed quickly. Sometimes, a clogged or running toilet, or a drain cover may be easy enough to fix, but what happens when bigger problems occur?

How do you know when it's time to call in the professionals?

There are some tips to remember that will help you to keep leaks to a minimum. Keep in mind that sometimes little leaks can lead to bigger problems over time. Professional plumbers are insured, and provide guarantees on their work. If you can't easily fix a problem yourself, call in the professionals to get it done properly to avoid the problem from getting worse or causing long-term damage.

Do plumbing checks around your home. This doesn't include suiting up or climbing into drains. There are routine maintenance tasks you can do yourself, such as inspecting all faucets and pipes. Look under sinks and behind toilets – is there any moisture or dripping taking place?

Check for signs of corrosion, such as rust or flaking pipes. Corroded connections can lead to small leaks starting which will inevitably lead to bigger leaks.

Turn on all faucets to ensure they are flowing smoothly and flush toilets and watch that they don't continue to run.

Find that dripping faucet. There's nothing worse than water dripping in a sink. It adds to your water bill, as well. It may be nothing more serious than a worn washer that needs to be replaced, or it could be signs of a more serious problem.

Do an overall building inspection. Are there skylights where water is getting in? What happens in your porch when it rains? What about chimney leaks or a sewer backup into your basement?

Water always finds its level, and if that is in your home, you're not going to have any peace until that leak is repaired.

When you're not sure what to do, or don't know what your next move is, be sure to call the leak experts in the Greater Vancouver area. There is no leak they haven't seen and fixed before.