Important Maintenance Tips for Preventing Water Damage

May 20th, 2024 in Leak Detection
Essential Maintenance Tips for Preventing Water Damage

We cannot always prevent leaks and water damage, but often we can. In today’s blog article, we want to discuss with you some essential maintenance tips for preventing water damage where we can. 

Known Problems 

If you have known water problems, address them before they get out of control. For example, if you have an old house in an area like Vancouver that is known for corrosion in pipes, then get your pipes replaced before they burst. Similarly, if you have polybutylene pipe (PolyB) then get that taken care of before you have a disaster. This type of piping is known to fail. 


Roofs are a common source of leaks in a home. You don’t have to climb up on the roof but take some binoculars and look at your roof carefully at least twice a year to see if you have any tiles that are not lying flat or are missing. That is a telltale sign of a potential leak. Also, go in your attic and with a flashlight look at all the exterior walls to see if there is any staining which may indicate a leak. 


Look at your ceilings, walls, floors, and especially the corners in every room on a regular basis. Any staining, cracking, swelling, or any off odors can indicate a water leak. 


Check the exterior of your home close to the ground, and the interior if you have a basement for any sign that the foundation is changing. Cracks and stains can indicate that you have a potential water leak. Any sign of water or musty odor in the basement or crawl space can also be a telltale sign. 

If you check these areas above regularly then you will notice if there are any changes. And if you are not sure, then ask an expert for his or her opinion. 

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