Importance of Locating the Source of a Roof Leak

by admin July 20th, 2015 in Roof Leaks

Dealing with a roof leak can be one of the most confounding aspects of home ownership. Most often, the source of that leak is not something to be seen easily. Instead of running with the buckets every time it rains, here are some suggestions for locating the source of a roof leak. 

Some causes of roof leaks may include: 

  • Cracked flashing. These thin metal pieces which sit under shingles and on roof joints create a waterproof barrier.
  • Broken or missing shingles. These are easy to spot.
  • Roof valleys that haven't been correctly sealed. Where two corners come together, there may be missing sealant.
  • Skylights, chimneys or gutters are cracked.
  • There's ice buildup on roof sections. 

All of these are ways that water will find its way into your attic or under the roof and cause leaking and water damage. Without proper repairs, roof leaks will only get worse with time; they certainly will not just go away of their own accord. 

That's why it's so important to call in a professional. Don't attempt roof repairs by yourself. Your home's roof was designed to withstand a lot of weather. Snow, ice, rain, wind and storms can take its toll on even the most durable roof. 

When you have a roof leak the last thing you want to do is to ignore it. Timing is everything to getting a quick and lasting repair to your roof. Left undone, a leaky roof can cause wood to rot, as well as continue to damage your home right down to its foundation. 

Only a roof specialist will know how to safely navigate your roof, inspect it properly and fix it so your leaks will be nothing more than a bad memory. Don't wait, call your roof leak professional before another rainy day has you running for the buckets.