How to Prevent Flooding When the Snow Melts

by admin December 5th, 2016 in Basement Leaks

When the snow starts melting, especially if the temperature changes quickly, basement flooding can occur. Accumulated snow quickly melts and turns into water, which has the same affect as a lot of rain occurring at once. Water running towards the foundation of your home can cause flooding, and when snow starts to thaw, this can happen before you know it. 

Temperature changes can cause cracks in your foundation the same way a quick temperature change can crack glass. Freezing and thawing can weaken the foundation over time, making it vulnerable to increasing temperatures causing water run-off.

What can you do to prevent flooding when the snow starts to melt?

First, start by keeping the snow away from your home. When shoveling, move the snow away from the foundation. If snow starts to accumulate from falling off your roof, make sure to get it away from the foundation before it melts. This will ensure that it won’t seep into the foundation.

Try to keep your gutters clean all year long. Any leaves and debris can cause your gutters to overflow and therefore cause problems once the snow melts. Make sure your downspouts are pointing away from your home and properly moving water away from the foundation. 

Always check your pipes for freezing during winter months, as freezing and thawing can cause cracks in the pipes. Check the insulation in your home around the pipes – or call a professional to make sure everything is housed properly.

If you own a sump pump, it should be checked at least once per year, especially prior to winter season. If water collects and freezes in your sump pump, it will seize and stop working. 

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