How to Choose a Water Damage Restoration Company in Vancouver

by admin June 22nd, 2015 in Flood Restoration
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No one wants to face water damage in their home but when it happens homeowner’s must act fast to mitigate damage to the greatest extent possible.  You want a company that can help you quickly and effectively.  But you need to take enough time to be sure that any company you choose has experience in the following:

  1. Quick efficient water clearance – this means clearing all water as soon as possible in order to do damage assessment.
  2. Structural and surface drying – after removal and assessment then drying, ventilation and deodorizing is done.
  3. Mould remediation - if steps one and two are not done quickly then mould growth may necessitate remediation.
  4. Asbestos abatement – if asbestos is exposed it is dangerous and must be addressed immediately.
  5. Air purification and odour removal – this step depends on the source of the odour and will be addressed accordingly.
  6. Thermal Imagining assessment – uses thermal imaging to assess the extent of the damage.

Be sure that the company has a proven track-record in water removal and restoration and that their technicians are certified.  Ask to speak with a company representative so that you can go over the water removal and restoration process with you.  Ask how quickly they can be at your home to assess the damage and give you a quote.  The quote should address the services you will need and when they will be done.

Lastly, ask the company you are considering if they have experience in filling insurance claims and are willing to work directly with your insurance company to mitigate and repair water damage.

You will want to get things done as soon as possible but remember to do some research before making a decision.