How Does Thermal Imaging Help my Plumbing?

by admin September 24th, 2019 in Leak Detection

Perhaps you have heard of thermal imaging before, but never really thought about it. You most likely have not thought about how thermal imaging can help with your plumbing leaks, and water main problems. We will be looking at what thermal imaging is, and how it can help with your plumbing problems.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Almost every object gives off a certain amount of heat. Thermal imaging cameras are able to look for this heat, and measure the amount present in a given space. It then creates an image that represents differentiations in heat with the use of different colours in the image.

How Does Thermal Imaging Help My Plumbing?

The majority of a house or commercial building’s plumbing is concealed in a wall, or buried underground. This makes access to the plumbing system a difficult endeavour. If a plumbing leak does develop, water can often travel along the pipe and present itself at a very different spot compared to where the leak originates.

Thermal imaging allows the plumber to find the exact location of the leak, as an area that is wet will show a different amount of heat compared to a dry area. This gives a clear indication of the exact location that water may be sitting, or has travelled, and lets a plumber open the wall at the proper location, removing any guesswork and more costly wall repairs from the process.

Thermal imaging is also an extremely powerful tool with water main problems, and drainage issues. Water main pipes are usually buried outside the home, as are many drain pipes. If the water main is not delivering water, or a drain pipe backing up, thermal imaging can be used to inspect the pipes to determine the location of the problem, without digging up your entire yard or driveway.

If you are having issues with your plumbing, make sure you choose a contractor that makes use of thermal imaging, such as 604FixLeak.