How Do You Fix a Skylight Leak?

by admin August 7th, 2018 in Roof Leaks
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While skylights are a commonly sought after and beautiful feature in a home, they are unfortunately prone to leaking. The most common repair request seen by residential roofers typically are in response to a skylight leak. If you notice a leak in your skylight, repairs should be done as quickly as possible to avoid further damage to your home and roof.

Identifying the Issue

If you notice a leak coming from your skylight, the first step should be to identify the source of the water. By inspecting the skylight, a professional can tell the difference between condensation that has built up on the underside of the glass, or if there is a bigger issue causing the leak such as worn out weather seals. Careful attention should be paid to the roofing and venting around the skylight.

Leak Repairs

For leaks at the frame of the skylight, it is possible to re-seal the unit against further water damage. However, only a complete replacement of the skylight will remove condensation that has already gathered within the skylight.

If the leak is at the roof flashing, temporary repairs using roof flashing cement may be able to fix the problem. However, proper repairs would require removing roof shingles around the skylight to ensure the flashing is properly patched.

If you are noticing water or leaks around you skylight, it is best to call a professional to analyze the cause of the leak and arrange to have the correct repairs done to avoid further headache.