How do PVC Drain Tiles Help with Basement Flooding Woes?

by admin October 30th, 2018 in Basement Leaks
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A perimeter drain around a house prevents water from seeping into the basement of the home. PVC drain tiles are put in place to attract water from rains, melting snow, or rising groundwater and carry it away from the house to avoid water damage to the home’s structure.

Historically, clay tiles were used to divert the water – even though tiles have now been replaced with the use of PVC pipes, the name “drain tile” is still used.

The PVC drain tile which installed underground around the perimeter of the home contains thousands of tiny holes that allow water to enter the pipe from the ground and move away from the house. Usually, the pipe is protected from soil entering by a mesh system that allows water through, but not debris. The pipe is covered by layers of gravel in various sizes and then backfilled with soil – this system allows water to flow into the pipe without soil clogging the drain. The perimeter drain is installed on a slope away from the home, so that the water is carried toward the main sewer system.

A drain tile system protects your basement from getting moisture in from the loose soil around the home. Over time, it is possible that perimeter drains may become clogged with dirt or debris. If this happens, water may seep into your basement and cause damage.

Clogged or blocked drain tiles may need to be flushed by a professional, or in some cases may need to be replaced completely. A professional can be called out to evaluate if your drain tile can be flushed or if it needs replaced completely.