Get Your Deck in Shape for Summer

by admin August 14th, 2019 in Leak Detection
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With the warm summer weather fast approaching, it’s time to get your deck in shape. The winter weather can lead to all sorts of problems and now is the perfect time for a comprehensive deck inspection. A deck inspection can look for common problems such as deck leaks and deck rot.

As decks weather and wear, you want to ensure that you keep it safe and ready to use. A deck inspection can help to determine areas that are in need of remedy and where structura breakdowns may be present.

Water is the number one enemy to wood. Sitting and running water can lead to deck rot which can compromise the integrity of the structure. You will want to ensure that any rot is replaced, and the deck undergoes proper weather sealing to prevent future rot and damage.

Before using your deck this summer, you will want to find a qualified deck inspector like the professionals at 604fixleak. A qualified inspector will know exactly what to look for, be able to determine shortcomings and areas of disarray, and make suggestions and a plan for addressing these and making sure that your deck is safe and ready to go for years to come.

Make the most of your deck this summer by getting it in shape and ready to serve you well.