Essential Maintenance Tips for Preventing Water Damage

September 22nd, 2023 in Plumbing Leaks
Essential Maintenance Tips for Preventing Water Damage

Water damage inside your home can be a nightmare. When water is leaking unchecked, studs can rot, mold can spread, and the damage can be extensive. There are some maintenance tasks that can help you prevent leaks and water damage. That is what we are going to talk about today in our blog article. 

Tip #1: Windows and Doors 

Feel around windows and doors for cold drafts. If air is getting in then water can also get in. Also look on the outside of windows and doors for evidence of rot. If any water is coming in around windows or doors, there will likely be evidence of that on the outside, such as crumbling wood, missing caulk, and stains. Check windows and doors regularly, inside and out. 

Tip #2: Basement 

Check your basement regularly for signs of water coming in. Is there any staining of the walls or ceiling? Look at the tops and bottoms of walls. Does anything look or feel wet on the floor. Check the inside and outside for signs of cracks in the cinderblock or foundation. 

Water damage in the basement does not happen overnight, and there will be signs that you have a problem while the problem is still small. 

Tip #3: Roof 

Inspect your roof regularly, from a distance with binoculars and up close and personal. Check for moss build-up, missing roof tiles, tiles that are bent or frayed, or in the winter ice piled high around the edges. These are all indications of a potential problem, and water may be getting in. 

Tip #4: Attic and Crawl Space 

Check these areas for signs of any moisture or a foul or musty odor. If there are any signs of water in the attic or crawl space, then you may also have water entering other areas. 

If you check all these areas regularly, like once a month, then you can catch problems when they are small. If you are not able or competent to do this yourself, then hire professionals like us. 

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