Leak Detection

Leak Detection

May 28th, 2021

How to Ensure Proper Deck Drainage

Ensuring proper deck drainage is important for several reasons, even though not everyone considers this, especially with DIY decks. Here are some of the key considerations for making sure that your deck drains away from your building.

Deck Slope

A deck should be sloped away from the house a few degrees. This slope means that water always drains away from the house. If your deck is flat, water will pool on the deck, potentially damaging the deck and creating a safety hazard. Even worse, if the deck slopes toward the house, before long you can have water coming into your house.

Distance Between Boards

Boards on the deck should be consistently close together, but not touching. You don’t want the boards touching in case the boards expand. However, if boards are too far apart—more than one-quarter of an inch, then water may drain through the deck, which is a big problem is your deck is on a second story of a building.

A Level Deck

The deck also needs to be level. No matter which way the deck slopes, if the boards are not level, then the deck will not drain properly. This means that as your deck ages, it’s important to replace or repair boards that are no longer level with the rest of the deck.

Also, water pooling on a deck is one problem in summer, but it is a worse problem in the winter, when the water will turn to ice. Furthermore, any water draining through the deck will mean icicles hanging down.

A seasoned professional will make sure that your deck drains properly. And if you need some help with that, definitely come to us.

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