Can a Wet Ceiling Be Repaired?

July 25th, 2023 in Roof Leaks
Can a Wet Ceiling Be Repaired?

A wet ceiling can always be repaired one way or another. The extent of the repair required will depend on the type of ceiling and the extent of the damage. Long before any kind of repair can or should be executed, it is critical to stop the leak and prevent further damage and also allow the ceiling to dry out. In today’s blog article, we are going to talk about wet ceiling repairs. 

Extent of Damage 

A wet ceiling can be a few little discoloured spots, or it can mean a giant mess covering a lot of real estate including bowing downward of the drywall. A few little spots can possibly just be touched up with some paint assuming the ceiling is dry. 

If a larger area is involved, then some of the drywall might have to be removed and replaced. Sometimes the entire ceiling will have to be replaced, but that depends on our next factor: the type of ceiling. 

Type of Ceiling 

The type of ceiling plays a role in how the ceiling is repaired. Smooth ceilings which most people like are harder to patch invisibly. Sometimes it is possible to patch them, but often it is not. 

When the ceiling has a textured coating on it, like “orange peel” or “popcorn,” for example, then it becomes easier to patch it invisibly without taking the whole ceiling down. 

The location of the damage in the house also plays a role. A visible patch on the ceiling of the garage may be okay with you, while a visible patch in the kitchen may be unacceptable. So, there are a number of factors at play which should be evaluated by an expert. 

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