Broken Sump Pump?

by admin June 21st, 2022 in Basement Leaks
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Here Are Some Common Sump Pump Problems and Their Solutions

Many people rely on sump pumps to keep their basements dry. And during times of heavy rain, snow melt, or flooding, a broken sump pump can spell disaster. In today’s blog, we will talk about common sump pump problems and their solutions.

Sump Pump Stopped Running

There is a long list of things that may cause your sump pump to stop working. Let’s go down the list of possibilities.


The first thing to consider is whether the pump is getting power. First, is it plugged in? Do you have power to that outlet? Did the sump pump throw the breaker? Are you having a power outage? These are all things you have to check before assuming that the pump, itself, is broken.

No Water Is Exiting

If the sump pump is running, but no water is moving, you have to check and see if the exit path or pipe is frozen. Another possibility is that there is a leak in the discharge path or one of its connections. In that case, water is moving but does not appear to be. Next, see if the sump pump is installed correctly at the right water level. A fourth possibility is something broken inside of it, like an impeller.

Not Turning On or Shutting Off

If you have a float valve with the sump pump, the float valve can get jammed or broken. The float valve typically signals to the pump to turn on or shut off. In order for a sump pump to work correctly, you need the appropriate size pump for the job. Sometimes a sump pump appears to be broken when it is just undersized for the job. Also, the sump pump must be installed properly. With sump pumps, often you get what you pay for, and cheap ones will not last long. The sump pump is not a piece of equipment that you should skimp on.

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