After The Flood - Dealing With Water Damage

by admin April 22nd, 2020 in Flood Restoration
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When water enters unwanted places, it can cause a lot of damage. This is unfortunately too true when it comes to your Vancouver home or business. Heavy rains, especially those experienced in Vancouver, need quick mitigation and action should your building be water compromised. Here are some steps to take when dealing with water restoration in Vancouver after the rains are gone.

Take Quick Action

Often by acting quickly, further damage can be mitigated. Even a small amount of water left unchecked can cause severe damage. The best quick action to take is to call a company such as 604FixLeak who can mitigate damage and take immediate action. You will also want to quickly contact your insurance provider.

Turn Off Power

Water is very conductive, meaning electricity can easily pass through it. Standing water may be shorting out electrical outlets or other powered devices, and it can pose a danger. Turn off any power breakers before going near the water.

Remove Standing Water

The next step to take is to get rid of any standing water. This is often done with submersible pumps if there is a large amount of standing water.

Dry Out Everything

This is a very important step in avoiding mold from growing. Proper steps need to be taken to completely dry any infected areas. Fans should be used to help move surrounding air, as well as dehumidifiers. Any drywall that is wet should also be removed, as this will allow the space behind to dry. Not doing this can result in a lot of mold growth in your walls, which can create a dangerous environment.

Disinfect With Mold Control

Once everything is dry, you will want to make sure any area that was wet is properly disinfected. This should also include using a mold control product. This helps to further ensure you are protected against mold growth.

Dealing with a flooded home or building can be stressful, but flood restoration companies in Vancouver are here to help.