A Quick Leak Prevention Checklist Before the Rainy Season

October 29th, 2022 in Leak Detection
A Quick Leak Prevention Checklist Before the Rainy Season

If you have been watching the weather forecasts like some of us, then you know we are due for some heavy winter storms on the west coast, coming soon. Before the wind and rain starts, here, below, is a quick leak prevention checklist for you. 

Check Your Windows 

When a storm is on the horizon, make sure all your windows are closed and latched. An enormous amount of rain can come into an open window. 

Patio Furniture 

Stow patio furniture or at least put down any umbrellas and tie them securely. Outside furniture make not cause a leak outside, but if the wind picks them up and blows them through your window, then you’ll have a jumbo leak. 

Gutters and Downspouts 

Make sure your gutters are clean and clear and the downspouts flow freely where they are supposed. If anything is clogged, clean it out now. 

Sump Pump 

If you are currently using a sump pump in the basement or expect that you may need one, then test it, and make sure it is working correctly. 

Always have the name and number of your home insurance person so you can call them day or night in the event of an emergency. Post it on your refrigerator. And always know where the main water shut-off is in your home.


If you start to have leaks during the next wave of storms, please call us on the Lower Mainland at (604) 349-5325. This is our area of expertise, and we can diagnose and fix the problem for you.  


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