Basement Restoration Service

Flooded Basement? Water Leaks? Call 604 FIX LEAK FIRST 

On the Lower Mainland, call our professionals first at (604) FIX LEAK and we can identify what is causing the leak, clean up the water and water damage (or sewage back-up), and perform restoration as needed. We can help you with your insurance claim, so call us first. We are available 24/7 to take care of water and water leak emergencies.

Water leakage into a basement can cause irreparable damage if it is not treated immediately. Basement water leaks and water ingress cause structural damage, electrical damage, and create mold infestations.

If your basement has been flooded or has a water leak, our professional basement restoration service can restore damaged areas, stop the leak, and prevent the growth of mold.

To effectively stop the growth of mold and mitigate the extent of water damage, basement restoration needs to start as soon as possible. At 604-FIX-LEAK, we provide an emergency basement restoration service for those affected by water ingress, leaks, or flooding.

Call us now at 604-349-5325 and we can dispatch as team as soon as possible.


A water leak or flooded basement can destroy a home if left untreated. Rust and mold will build up and create health risks for residents. Additionally, water can seep through walls and damage or rot wooden support beams.

Our flood restoration team conducts a thorough inspection to find the full extent of the water damage. We will stop any existing leaks and restore damaged areas.

Water ingress, leaks, or flooding can not be ignored. Contact 604-FIX-LEAK for professional basement restoration today.


Our technicians provide emergency basement restoration services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We deal with all types of water emergencies, from broken pipes to floods. Our basement restoration process includes the following services.

Complete Water Removal

Our technicians remove all standing water from the home. We use powerful equipment to extract water from tight spaces without causing an additional mess.

Water Damage Assessment

Our technicians identify the full extent of water damage and mold growth. We use thermal imaging cameras that help us accurately detect hidden water damage and the presence of mold.

Structural Drying

Our team uses professional structural drying techniques to minimize water damage and limit the growth of mold. Our drying process involves dehumidification, added ventilation, and temperature control.

Mold Removal

Our technicians use specialized cleaning techniques to remove mold from water-damaged areas. We use premium mold control chemicals that will not cause additional damage to the structure.

Structural Repair

If necessary, we will repair structural damage caused by water leaks and floods. Our technicians can remove damaged materials, fix sagging floors or walls, and reinstall drywall and insulation.


Our deodorization process removes odor caused by mold and bacteria. We use professional odor purification systems to leave you with a fresh-smelling property.

Contact 604-FIX-LEAK for professional basement restoration today.