Insurance Coverage for Water Damage

CALL US BEFORE CALLING YOUR INSURANCE - Not all leaks are covered by your insurance and reporting leaks may hurt your rates. Call us first and we will explain why reporting a leak that is not covered could affect your policy premium and help you navigate the claim.

Will My Insurance Cover My Leak Damage?

Not every leak or incident of home water damage is covered by your home owners insurance. Before you speak to your insurance company about your leak or water damage, call 604-FIX-LEAK first for a professional opinion about your leak and what the best course of action is.

Here’s why you should take advantage of our FREE Phone Consultation as your first step: typically, a home owner will discover a leak (and the resulting water damage) and will, understandably, seek out the help of their insurance company. After all, you pay monthly home insurance premiums for the peace of mind that you’ll be covered in the event of an emergency like this one.

However, the home owner often calls the insurance company only to discover that the type of water damage they’ve encountered is not covered under their policy.

That’s bad news. But it gets worse . . .

During that call, the insurance company representative was taking notes on the home damage you’ve recently incurred, then added those notes to your file. When it comes time to renew your policy, they may use that information against you to justify raising your premiums -- insuring you is now viewed as a riskier proposition, merely because you encountered a common household issue, then called them for help.

Is Your Type Of Leak Typically Covered by Home Insurance?

At 604-FIX-LEAK we have the experience to advise you if your type of leak is typically covered by home insurance. And we’ll explain why.

After consulting with us, you can make an informed decision about the best way to proceed with fixing your leak or water damage.

When you discover a leak, call 604-FIX-LEAK's 24 Emergency direct line and get our free, no strings attached advice before you take action. We’ve worked with many insurance companies, and know how the system works.

And, in the event of a claim, our certified technicians and leak repair specialists will work with you and your insurance company to repair your home quickly and on budget.

Contact the professionals at 604-FIX-LEAK first when you discover a leak or water damage problem in your Vancouver home.